The Pond is the first area of the Platypus Evolution Game. Crates are delivered here containing platypi every 10 seconds (or 5 after an upgrade is purchased from the shop using coins). When opening crates, there is a small chance to earn a diamond.

In the Pond area you can obtain the following platypi by combining them together:

Platypus Right arrow Adult Platypus Right arrow Sharkipus Right arrow Platycorn Right arrow Petipus Right arrow Platypsy

The maximum number of platypi in this area is 16, and a warning message appears if you try to purchase additional animals when the area is full. The timer along the bottom that indicates crate delivery also shows "FULL" when no more crates can be delivered.

The background colour for this area varies each time the universe is recreated, in the same way the ultimate being changes, however the colour does not correspond to a specific being.